Examples Of Dystopia In The Giver

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Life as we know it, is a very painful place. Poverty, hunger, hate, loss and pain is something that is just a part of everyday life. Now, what if we lived a life where none of that will never exist? That’s where the society of the giver serves as a utopia and a solution. What’s interesting about the novel the giver, Is that there isn’t a specific time, but rather the reader is left to assume it’s the future. A futuristic community that focuses on one boy who questions whether his home was a utopia or dystopia. Was the giver a community of perfection, or a community of total destruction? In my opinion It is a community of perfection, as it is safe from harm, and leads everyone to live fulfilling lives. However, this is arguable, and finishes with why the society is limited and censored. Scraping your knee as a kid, must’ve hurt. However, being called a mean comment is more harmful, because it sticks with you…show more content…
A world without love, or uniqueness, or even true happiness. According to the text, ““Well … “ Jonas had to stop and think it through. “If everything’s the same, then there aren’t any choices! I want to wake up in the morning and decide things! A blue tunic, or a red one?” These citizens live a life of lies, of fabricated ideals and everything is planned, right up to their job and death. However, without this wall of safety, when people choose, they always choose wrong. Here, they can be protected, they can live a fulfilling life, where there are no mistakes, and they don’t feel discriminated against or they don’t feel a sense of helplessness and danger. In this community, love is a complicated thing that always stirs trouble, but there are other forms of happiness, this doesn’t mean we completely isolate our people and children from the fun of life. Sometimes Lies are the safer choice, especially for this

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