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Why Is Leadership and Change management Important these days Any business in today's fast-moving environment that is looking for the pace of change is likely to be sorely disappointing. In fact, businesses should embrace change. Change is important for any organization because, without change, businesses would likely lose their competitive edge and fail to meet the needs of what most hope to be a growing base of loyal customers. Change is a must in organizations to allow employees to learn new skills, explore new opportunities and exercise their creativity in ways that ultimately benefit the organization through new ideas and increased commitment. Preparing employees to deal with these changes involves an analysis of the tools and training…show more content…
The means by which the leader can influence the culture include transformative leadership behavior such as attention to critical events, crisis response, the role of example, and Schein. Symbols associated with reward distribution criteria, selection and layoffs, and transformational culture such as systems design, Clement believes that leadership is essential in developing and changing organizational culture, where it needs follow-up.This trend confirmed that the survival of any organization depends on the direction of the culture created by effective leadership. This is especially true when the Organization faces a stage of change. One of the most obvious distinctions between successful and failed culture changes is leadership at higher…show more content…
Associated with the change process. There is also a third view that took a balanced position in the theory of transformational leadership and linked it to changes in the organizational Bank aspects, in addition to changes in the thought and motivation of the subordinates, and through the revision of the leadership and change literature, a number of critical roles of transformational leadership can be like the following: Formulation of vision - Commitment and conviction of leadership - Strategy Motivation and inspiration - Communication - Empowering employees Leaders with these roles can create a climate of participation and create enabling conditions through which employees can take the power to make decisions and enhance self-efficacy to reach goals and achieve desired aspirations Our chosen organization is KIB, a bank that operates according to the Islamic value incorporated in 1973 and was originally known as the Kuwait Real Estate

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