The Importance Of Cell Phones In Education

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Education needs new things to make it easier. Schools should step up and try new things and take big risks. (Norris, Soloway 28). Additionally, Cell phones play a major role in today’s society including filling many functions in classrooms (Ferriter 86). People are using them over other technology now days. Cell phones are small, affordable, and should be considered an educational tool (Pascopella 42). According to Ferriter, cell phones should be used to replace many school supplies. They have many features that can be deemed as educational making the work of students and teachers more manageable. Moreover, they can be used for more than just educational purposes, like parents’ concerns on whether their child is safe and when there is an emergency…show more content…
Enforcing cell phones in school will be very brave but the rewards and results will be very satisfying. Cell phones should be integrated into the classroom because of the details that it have (Norris, Soloway 28). Cell phones have a perfect size screen so others will not see other students work. It have a small keyboard that is just the right size for typing and students do not have to worry about bugs that is aggravating. Cell phones are affordable and has a simple operation which makes it great for educational purposes (Pascopella 42). Cell phones are not going away no time soon so why not integrate them into the classrooms. It will only improve student’s studies and their knowledge in the future. In the future, when cell phones is replaced with a higher type of technology, teachers are going to realize that cell phones could be more useful than how it was being used. A higher type of technology will be able to do a little more than what cell phones can do but cell phones are just the right type of technology to use in today’s society. When will this technology be adapted into schools so lives of students and teachers be easier? It needs to be today. Somebody will realize all the amazing things just this little type of technology will do for people. Cell phones should have the privilege to be used in…show more content…
They were very impressed on how the students had improved their skills. Verizon Wireless provided cell phones to the fifth and sixth graders at Watkins Glen Central School District. Teachers liked that the students had the hand held technology because it made it easier to have access to information that was needed. Seeing students take advantage of cell phones was great because they did not have to depend on the teacher to show them over and over again how to do any type of lesson. Teachers liked that cell phones helped the students with their communication skills (Bauman 37). Mrs. Norris a middle school math teacher that taught for 14 years in Norman, Oklahoma said ‘I will not use cell phones in her classroom because it was a distraction. That will make me crazy.” Norris is now a professor at the University of North Texas says “I would definitely will suggest putting cell phones in all classrooms because it defeat a lot of purposes teachers have trouble with. If students have anything like cell phones in school, students might would want to go to school and learn the most difficult things.” (Pascopella) Ms. Miller a Spanish teacher at Buhler High who is very low-tech created a channel for her Spanish students. She says, “I guess this is replacing when you used to take a tape recorder and talk to your grandpa about the war. It’s kind of like the cell phones are like personal clickers.” Ms.

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