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Earthquake is one of the most common natural disaster that has destroyed the environment. In order to overcome these destructions and potential consequences, scientist and architects have attempted several methods that are able to resist the earthquakes. One of the well-known method used to structure building that would survive major seismic event is tuned mass damper. This method is mainly for the skyscrapers, and requires a massive mass in the building or near the building. Skyscrapers is a very tall building; therefore, it is easy to collapse. A tuned mass damper, TMD is a device that is installed in the building to minimize the damage and to absorb the forces caused by seismic vibration (Source1: The constructor). Each pendulum…show more content…
The top of the building does not move for a while, but soon it catches up. However by then, the bottom has already moved back into the opposite direction, consequently causing the damage and destruction of the building due to the violent swaying. To prevent the devastation, pendulums work by swaing counter to the motion generated by the earthquake (Source 4: phys). When buildings begin to sway due to the earthquake, the pendulum suppress motion by applying force in opposite direction. Pendulum is consisted of a mass, which moves back and forth regularly. When the mass is in the furthest position from the ground, it has the maximum energy, which is potential energy. As it increases the speed and towards down, the potential energy is converted into kinetic energy, which is in the lowest position. Then, when the mass goes up again, it is turned back to potential energy. Therefore, it keeps changing the energy back and forth while the mass swings (Source 5: ExplainThatStuff). While it swings, the force of gravity also works in a downward direction. Energy dissipation in pendulum is often produced by viscous dampers that are attached to the end of the mass and to the vibrating structure. Based on the mechanisms equipped, it moves a large mass in the opposite direction to the strong force. The forces decreases, and the building does not sway and collapse (Source 6:

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