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This paper will discuss my personal makeup, the physical, emotional and social aspects. Topics such as racial heritage, cultural and ethnic heritage, family structure, socioeconomic structure, socioeconomic history and gender all play vital roles in personal make up. Racial Heritage Racial heritage is a socially constructed concept, based off of what was originally thought to be scientific evidence. However, has now been debunked to describing “common physical characteristics of a group and generally describes skin color and the texture of hair” (Olson et al, 2014). Outwardly, I have white skin, blonde, straight hair and blue eyes. I cannot remember the exact moment where I became aware of my appearance and what it meant to others. I do…show more content…
For my life, my ethnic and cultural heritage is greatly influenced by the Mormon pioneers who immigrated to the United States from England. Though religion is not always a culture, in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons/LDS), it can be. For example, a cultural tradition that I have practiced, being Mormon, is an activity called Trek. It is where a group of youth in the church get together and reenact the pioneers crossing the plains. Often, the youth dress as pioneers, pull handcarts and leave behind all electronics to hike for about a week. Additionally, I find my views on education, family and being financially smart being very prominent. In mormon culture, family and church are the most important aspects of life. Getting a good education falls closely behind, to hopefully ensure that you will one day be able to get a good job to take care of your family. To do this, you must be careful with your money and be good at saving. These thing have been completely integrated into my beliefs because of the culture I grew up in. However, Mormon culture also emphasises traditional family roles, which my family does not naturally conform to. For almost ten years now, my dad has been the primary parent at home. The one that goes to PTA meetings, drives everyone to after school activities and the one who changed all the diapers…show more content…
My three siblings who are latino/native american have been able to attend tribe meetings and pow wows with their tribe, the Spokane Tribe of Washington. As a family, we have had opportunities to help them make traditional performance clothes for their dances at pow wows. It is interesting to see them integrate the mormon culture with the native american culture and watch how they find a balance of the

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