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The new trending social media is Instagram. The social network that lets you share picture and videos launched in October of 2010. It gained popularity very fast and now trans passes big social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Instagram is based on followers the more followers you have the more popular you become. That is one of the biggest differences between instagram and facebook, on facebook you friend someone while on instagram you simple follow them. Instagram has also brought to the light a new way of marketing. Since the network is based on followers the most followed you are the more people you have in your social network. This is very useful because it becomes like free advertising. Many people has taken advantage of this. The biggest examples are the new kind of models “Instagram Models” An Instagram model is a girl or a boy that has become so popular due to their appearance companies use them to advertise their products while they earn money from advertising.…show more content…
Most of the time is mainly their body. We have become so obsess with having a perfect body we put this individual in pedestals for having a “perfect body.” Their are thousands of fitness account on instagram now. Sheila McClain on her essay “The Fitness Culture,” explains how this new generation is so obsess with trying to exercise and have a healthy life style. In Past decades this obsession did not exist because we did not have as much access to media as we do now. Therefore, people has taken advantage of that and use Intagram as a market platform to sale their workout plans or magical teas that make you loose weight in a moth. Which gives the model a pressure to always look perfect. There has been many “Instagram Models” that have speak out about the eating disorder they have acquired due to always needing to look good on their pictures. This shows how much pressure this people are on and how destructive our standards can

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