Character Analysis Of King Lear's Castle

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: (Act 1) In King Lear’s castle The Earl of Kent and The Earl of Gloucester begin discussing two unnatural happenings: Gloucester expresses his love he has for his illegitimate son Edmund, and King Lear decides to divide his kingdom into three regions for each of his daughters depending on who professes their love the most. Goneril and Regan flatter the king with lies, but his favorite daughter Cordelia doesn’t say anything except her sisters can’t love him so much if they’re married. King Lear becomes enraged like a dragon and banishes Cordelia, but King of France asks to marry Cordelia through love and empathy. Afterwards Kent comments on King Lear’s irrational behavior, unfortunately he is banished too, this gives Goneril and Regan a better…show more content…
Feeling unsafe and unsure, Gloucester wants to resolve the issue but Edmund tells Edgar to stay away and armed from Gloucester. Madness uproars in The Duke of Albany’s palace; King Lear and his one hundred knights makes Goneril upset so she tells her loyal steward Oswald to be disrespectful to King Lear in order to get rid of him, but unfortunately for Goneril Kent comes back incognito as a man named Ciaus to serve and help him even without power . Without his power Lear has become nothing but a neglected child by his daughters hence Goneril demands Lear to get rid of half of the knights or he has to go live with Regan, so he cursed her to never have a child but if so it should be a painful experience and an ungrateful sea monster as she is. (Act 2)Next a dispute has occurred between Albany and The Duke of Cornwall, at the same time Gloucester just discovered his goddaughter Regan and Cornwall are coming for Lear. Even though Edmund knows about the news, it doesn’t stop him from becoming the next heir. He stages a fight with Edgar by cutting himself, and then Gloucester bastardizes Edgar. After being banished Edgar is now disguised as Tom…show more content…
Oswald asks Edgar to give a letter to Edmund and bury him. The kingdom transmutes wrongly when Goneril senses her husband as a timid man so she pursues and throw herself to Edmund, on the other hand as a widow Regan becomes fond of him which brings more tension between the sisters. Meanwhile Cordelia tries to restore Lear; in a way he oddly gains sense of wisdom and apologizes to Cordelia for his behavior. After everyone reunites at Dover, Edgar gives Albany the letter of treason written by Goneril while he is preparing for battle. (Act 5) Goneril admits she would rather lose the country than lose Edmund, yet Regan promises him land if he comes back to her. Edmund’s army wins, and he arrests Cordelia and Lear. Albany asks Edmund why he sent away Lear and Cordelia when he has no real authority to do so, this made Goneril and Regan upset, and feuds about who he belongs to. Albany interrupts Goneril and Regan’s bickering, and arrests Edmund for treason. Edgar steps in disguised to fight Edmund, and Edmund loses, and while he is dying, Albany gives the letter of treason to Edmund. Goneril runs off and stabs herself, and both her, and Goneril’s bodies are brought back dead. Goneril had poisoned

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