What´s Genetic Engineering Ethical?

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Being intelligent and corrupted by original sin, human beings have an acute tendency to utilize the great advances of technology and attempt to redefine the truth. Though some may have good intentions, it does not change the inherent disorder of redefining truth for ourselves. Abortion and contraception, for example, redefine the sexual organs as merely faculties of pleasure instead of the generation of life which was a purpose defined by God. A similar logic can be argued against genetic engineering as well. Namely, the use of this technology to create genetically modified organisms, or GMO’s. Although there is no official doctrine in the Catholic Church, the following argues that this technology could be unethical: advancement in GMO creation renders obsolete the natural biological processes God implemented, the possibility of irreversible negative effects on the environment, finally, the exploitation of patented life forms by large companies can create social dependency which contradicts Catholic social teaching. God deemed us stewards of creation. (CCC 2417) As stewards,…show more content…
Flaman proceeds to describe a questionable experiment performed by a group of scientists regarding the AIDs virus. These scientists inserted the AIDs genome into mouse embryos causing the adult mice to carry the HIV virus and pass it to other generations. An unregulated use of this method to study AIDs could create new breeds of HIV and have devastating effects on humanity. It is thus pivotal to man’s well being that scientists take every precaution towards the safety of the race. For it would be extremely sinful, having knowledge of the grave and damaging effects, to pursue this type of scientific

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