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Cosmetology The American Heritage Dictionary defines cosmetology as "the study or art in cosmetics and their use". They define cosmetics as "serving to beautify the body and improve the appearance of a physical feature." Cosmetology is a broad term that is used to encompass a wide range of beauty mediums, including hair, skin, nails, and makeup. Schools that offer cosmetology degrees have crafted their curricula to address all of these categories. However, when you are obtaining a cosmetology education from a cosmetology school, chances are you will concentrate your studies in a particular area, such as nail health, manicures and pedicures, or hair styling. Instructional Approach An instructional approach is part of…show more content…
Furthermore, an experiment was conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of a proposed approach in an interdisciplinary course, since several study have indicated that students learn more and better in such courses when applying prior knowledge to what they are learning. The experimental results show that the developed system is able to effectively diagnose students’ prior knowledge and enhance their learning motivation and performance in an interdisciplinary…show more content…
“concepts are to be understood as basic units of knowledge that can be accumulated, gradually refined, and combined to form even richer cognitive structures” which essentially is the concept attainment model. In this model, the teacher “provides examples and non-examples of the concept, and the students determined the concept from examples”. Students formulate a definition for the concept using only the given example and non-examples. Concept attainment requires effective planning to implement effectively. It maybe the reason that, even though there are many “laboratory experiments were the subjects learn to classify objects by practicing with examples and non-examples in the formal education of the secondary school, concept are infrequently taught in this way. The older in which pairs of examples and non-examples rare presented, the numbers of pairs presented, that attributes the elementary pre-service teachers are expose in each pair, in the implementation of the lesson are all components of this strategy that need to be carefully planned. Furthermore, the examples must contain defining characteristics of the concept while the non-examples should established concept boundaries and limits the pairs of examples and non-examples need to be developed so that they push students towards confronting the confusions and

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