In Defense Of Materialism

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In the article, “In Defense of Materialism During This Busy Holiday Season,” Jay Ambrose has favored the positive side of materialism and how materialism has served many purposes if people do seek the benefits of the materials. In other words, Ambrose states people seek benefits from materials, because if they do not, then it can inhibit our civilization from inventing new materials that can assist people. In addition, Ambrose proposes that seeking benefits from materials create possibilities for people, but if people misuse the benefits of materials, then it can hinder new possibilities. Ambrose highlights the positive side of materialism, I ,however will highlight negative sides of materialism: people in this generation have been excessively…show more content…
We do not buy things because of how they can help us spiritually, but physically. For example, my friend invests a large quantity of makeup to fulfill the female beauty standard, which is dressing up and putting makeup. My friend and among other females are taught by our society to use makeup because of it is a gender role of a female, and when they are not using makeup it connotes not fulfilling our role as an attractive, birth giving woman. They explained to me that they specifically wear makeup to look good for their appearance because they are afraid of feeling unattractive. The reason why people find physical comfort in materials is due to the fact our generation is obsessed with finding acceptance from our society. By fitting in with the society, one must buy possessions from famous celebrities that sponsor them. According to Joe Shreve, author of “Current Generation Extremely Influential”, exposes our current generation to “have been raised on opinions rather than news” and “least likely to question anything”. Shreve also states how oblivious our generation can be when it comes to purchasing celebrities products. This affects this generation by inhibiting the people’s own beliefs and opinion, since…show more content…
Consumers are not aware of sweatshops producing their possessions. According to Rob Cooper, author of “Inside Apple’s Chinese ‘sweatshop’ factory where workers are paid £1.12 per hour to produce iPhones and iPads for the West”, there have been incidents in the Foxconn City Plant ,Apple factory, in Shenzhen, China which workers committed suicide by jumping off factory. One worker in particular committed suicide after losing an iPhone prototype. One can assume the factory was under harsh conditions for workers were actually ending their life instead of quitting. The Apple workers work 24 hour shift at a time, which can be tiring and tedious. If consumers were informed about the sweatshops in China, they would appreciate their possession more. Every product is made out of a natural resource, whether it is a table or a car, every possession contains a natural resource we are utilizing in large quantities. Oil is a liquid derived from petroleum: petroleum is also fossil fuel. Major petroleum companies, such as Chevron Oil company produced 2.6 million barrels of oil per day. 25 percent more of oil was produced than in 2007, according to Chevron’s 2014 Supplement to the Annual Report. 2.6 million barrels a day consumed by America is a massive production, it makes one want to spend less on gas to conserve the oil. There are alternatives to cease your consumption of oil, such as

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