Argumentative Essay On Makeup

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The scene of a woman peacefully applying lip gloss in front of a mirror is enough to appall some people. The peaceful ritual of waking up an hour earlier in the morning just to apply makeup may seem preposterous to those who value precious sleep. The idea of even applying makeup in general bewilders those who never understood the hype. But why? How can the idea of a woman indulging in cosmetics offend? On the other hand, why are people so interested in beauty products? Examining the arguments from either side is thought provoking. For example, just to name a few, arguments advocating makeup use range from enhancing beauty to boosting self-esteem to challenging heteronormativity; whereas, arguments denouncing makeup range from health concerns to workplace inequality to emotional self-esteem. However, all of these arguments are related through their themes of physical, psychological, and societal impacts. The Body is a Temple (Physical Arguments) Toxicity Whenever a conscious shopper picks up a product…show more content…
For example, envision the setting of a business workplace, where makeup is a key part of professionalism, at least according to the four businesswoman advocating its use in an article titled best face forward: four questions about wearing cosmetics. (Interestingly, the title even implies that one’s “best face” is a face with makeup). For instance, CEO of Bare Escentuals Leslie Blodgett shares, “in my office you better have makeup on!” Continuing with this situation, a bookstore owner in an NBC videocast, Is Makeup the Key to a Woman’s Success?, shares that if makeup gives women an advantage, then they should take it, because “men have privileges afforded to them by their gender that women do not.” These women feel that an improved appearance provided by blush, lipstick, and foundation allows them advantages in their daily

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