The Pros And Cons Of The South China Sea

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The South China Sea has been the source of arguments among different countries for centuries, but the dispute between the Philippines and China escalated tension worldwide. This is a wide debate about territory and sovereignty over ocean areas. The reasons for this argument are also about resources (e.g. oil and natural gas deposits), fishing opportunities, extension of border and port-building. A lot of experts have been saying that United Nations Convention on The Law of The Sea (UNCLOS) and Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) can be of big help in solving this issue, but can ASEAN really help solve the argument about the South China Sea? Indonesia (de facto leader of ASEAN) suggested that one way to solve the dispute is to have a unified approach among the members. But with the continuous discussion regarding the issue; it revealed the lacking, weaknesses and limitations of the regional organization. ASEAN, up until now, is not really intact for it failed in a lot of aspects. Some weaknesses include the failure on having a common currency which should’ve been a plus points…show more content…
For instance, the Philippines and Vietnam are all-out when it comes to attacking China’s decisions while some members who are supported by China (when it comes to infrastructure) like Malaysia and Thailand, are not agreeing to attack China in a straightforward manner. Although China is only one, it is more powerful than the members of ASEAN, this can also be a reason why it is impossible to have a fair deal with China, like what happened to Singapore. China and Singapore came with a negotiation, but the outcome looks like it is China-biased. It is really hard to have cooperation against China because some members are supported by the said country and ties are usually hard to cut, especially if the other country is a lot bigger than

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