Disadvantages Of Plastic Surgery

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Nowadays, no matter where, especially in Asia, plastic surgery becomes more and more popular, and it is very common also. One reasonable answer to that could be since more people feel unpleasant about their natural look, or they have been influenced by social media and the general aesthetic of society, they don’t feel waste to spend a lot of money and blood to get their ideal looks. The original idea of their aesthetic could be different in terms of they grown up in different countries, societies, environments and other factors; however, there are also some philosophical explanations can respond to this phenomena too. From ancient time to modern time, various countries in different regions have different views of the human body, such as in the Han Dynasty, the Empress “Zhao Fei Yan" was famous for her slim body. However, almost 2000 years after Zhao, in Tang Dynasty, China, Concubine Yang was famous for her plumper body, but she was still considered as the most beautiful women during that time. Both of the two Chinese women are the four beauties through ancient…show more content…
The improvement of technology contains both advantages and disadvantages. For example, Japan, Korea and China, the three major countries in central Asia, the general aesthetic of beauty is with a defined face structure, oval shape face, double eyelids with big eyes, white skin and thin and tall body. However, most Asian people have yellow tone skin, single eyelids, flat nose, and shorter height. One reason that Asian people tend to consider the western face feature as beauty, it is because most Asian people are lack of the feature like westerners. Also, since Asian people rarely have colored eyes, they invent some special makeup, for example, wigs with different colors, colored circle contact lens, nose bridge insert tool, skin whitening

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