Determinants Of Health Essay

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Many factors affect the health of individuals and will ultimately have an impact on communities. Whether people are healthy or chronically ill, is determined by their personal, social, financial, and environmental circumstances. Factors that impact health range from genetics, income, education, and environment. The most common factors are access, affordability, and the quality of care available to an individual. People have trouble trying to control many of the determinants of health. Genetics can have a huge impact on a person’s health status. One’s genetic makeup has a part in determining the likelihood of developing a chronic or acute illness. An individual’s heritage can control their healthiness, lifespan, and more. The way people cope…show more content…
Money can determine whether a person is healthy or chronically ill. For example, wealthy people have a better chance of staying healthy, versus an individual who is poor. Rich people are less likely to be stressed about bills, food, shelter, and other necessary needs of life. On the other hand, people who struggle financially have a higher chance of stressing about their necessary needs of life causing them to become ill. Being educated can help individuals stay healthy. Education is important for improving the welfare of individuals because it promotes positive choices and healthy lifestyles. If people know more about diseases like the symptoms, causes, and preventions the better chance they have to stay healthy. The more people know about acute and chronic illness will increase the probability of individuals practicing healthy life choices to prevent disease. For example, doing more exercising, not drinking, eating healthy, and getting adequate sleep. A person’s physical environment has a huge impact on their health. For example, the water maybe polluted, the air could be filled with chemicals, and animals with diseases maybe in their community. On the other hand, people may have great support from relatives, friends, and communities giving them better health. Physical and social environment can a positive and negative impact on a person’s
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