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Since technology came into our lives, it has become an amazing tool to do our day-to-day tasks. From working, entertaining and even learning (obviously). When we put technology and education together, the result of it is outstanding. Children and college students see it as a more fun way to learn new information about any subject. There are tons of ways technology has improved our education and tons of ways it has made it easier for us to learn and retain data. Thanks to technology, colleges can give online classes to those students who are too busy to go to college or just because they want to stay at their house and learn from the comfort of their home. As well, if someone does not want to buy a book because it is too expensive, the person…show more content…
They are way cheaper than taking a regular class. Also, the person can be relax in their house without being uncomfortable surrounded by people that he/she does not know. Another way online classes can be better is that the person can take them at any time of the day they want. The individual does not have the need to be in a hurry to go to his/her class because he/she is late. Besides, a person can save a great deal of gasoline because as I said before, they can stay at the comfort of their house studying and always attending to the class without concerning about the traffic jam in the mornings. Secondly, I personally believe that online books are better than printed books for the main reason that people do not need to chop down trees to create them. Even though technology consumes electricity and electricity contaminates the planet but, it is so much better to have more trees. A few people would say that if technology keeps advancing and if we replace books with computers or tablets, they will be distracting for some people or children that are trying to learn something. But, one might object that by the reason that technology is not the problem. The problem is the person that is using the technological device and how the person is using it. Some use it wisely and some use it idiotically. With that being said, I truly believe technology is not a problem when it comes to distraction. It completely depends on the

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