The Importance Of Distance Education

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Through the study of distance education at the KFU, it turned out that, most of the students facing difficulty in speaking skill. Tutoring online gives you the opportunity to gain speaking fluency and understanding of important aspects of the English language. This will develop speaking without hesitation or confusion. It is ideal for people who wanted to improve their self. Online tutoring is one of the most rapid in the development of educational systems and keep up the achievements of the technology revolution. Taking advantage of technology to bring education in almost every electronic device. By doing so, the student is able to exercise any requirement wants to learning can happen anytime. Education via the Internet is now an essential requirement because we are in the age of technology and development. One of the advantages of education via the Internet does not require the presence of a particular place only through your computer at home or through your mobile phone. Tutoring Online is certainly one of the best ways for learners to tackle the material and concepts in an individualized forum in order to find success in the classroom. Tutoring Online is a natural result of technological advancements and educational needs. We embrace online learning in public…show more content…
Also, lack of communication between students in KFU increased level of difficulties in speaking. Online tutoring shows that no difficulties from now in KFU by using online tutoring or online website such as Camply. Using online tutoring enhances self-confidence. · In this research, we will try to find three aspects:  Which difficulties that faced students in distance education?  Is online tutoring, a solution for the student who has difficulties in speaking?  What is the impact of online tutoring to develop students of distance
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