Benefits Of Virtual Reality In Education

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How Can Virtual Reality Improve Education? Virtual Reality is changing the way individuals view and interact with the world and it is not just for video games anymore. In the educational context virtual reality can enhance and successfully improve education. As a graduate student in Second Language Acquisition I am interested in exploring how virtual environments can be integrated in the language curriculum to aid and enhance students’ learning. The traditional language textbook has become an outdated educational tool which does not offer a comprehensive view of how the world is continuously changing and teachers must consider the potential of technology to promote students’ development. In language education virtual reality in particular can immerse students in authentic environments representing the target culture. Many college students do not have the opportunity to travel the world and explore the country where the foreign language is spoken, and this is exactly where virtual reality comes into play. Imagine students in an Italian course who, with the use of virtual reality and economical and simple cardboard viewers, can virtually…show more content…
For instance, returning to the context of language pedagogy, students in different country can create and exchange virtual reality videos thus allowing others to visit their own city and places. Learners will fell involved as active participants who are contributing to the construction of the subject matter. The personal connection and life-like engagement are factors that other passive educational materials do not offer. Virtual reality allows for collaboration, active and immersive experiences and personal hands-on explorations. While the cost of virtual reality and expensive headsets are drawbacks which might prevent teachers from implement such technology in their courses, the benefits that students will gain are

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