The Importance Of Digital Technology In The Classroom

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Digital technology and creativity in the classroom prepares kids for the future Everywhere in all corners of the world, educators are increasingly preoccupied with how children learn, how best to prepare children for the future, and what role digital technology plays in the classroom. One of the celebrated developmental psychologists, Howard Gardner of Harvard’s Graduate School of Education, has been instrumental for many years. Before the Internet, Howard Gardner revolutionized the way teachers across the world viewed education and how children learn. He broadened the concept of intelligence by posing the theory of multiple intelligences (MI). Basically, he believed that people have multiple ways of thinking and learning and that such thinking and learning are culturally based and cannot necessarily be measured by a single intelligence test. Gardner argued that there are eight autonomous intelligences rather than one overarching single intelligence factor, which could be measured by standard psychometric instruments, such as an IQ test. Gardner's theory has transformed education.…show more content…
Though there are many who disagree with digital technology in the classroom, overall there are many reasons why digital technology should be used in the classroom and how it can help prepare children for the future. Teachers know innovative ideas and methods can help children learn better, particularly when student outcomes are not contingent or hinged solely on test scores. Many teachers know that it is important to be able to give students and parents more choice in learning models and with digital technology, given that one size does not fit all and that a more personalized learning experience is

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