The Benefits Of Online Learning

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Learning means transferring or sharing knowledge. Learning is also the process of absorbing information and retaining it with the goal of increasing skills and abilities in order to achieve goals. In relation with learning English as foreign language, students are expected to master the four skills such: speaking, listening, reading and writing. Writing plays a big role on student's language proficiency especially for senior high school students and college students since they are expected to be able to make a creative writing such: scientific writing for journal or paper presentation. Writing is commonly rated as the most demanding and the most difficult to master. Trudy (2014) said that writing is the final product of several separate acts…show more content…
The students and teacher can sit at home or go to a library to do their coursework. Online learners also get to develop their internet, technology and virtual team skills by participating in online discussions, tests and other virtual learning activities. The ability to do coursework on own schedule and to manage the pace of learning experience are also benefits to online student. But Schoology and the other online learning strategy, has some deisadvantages.. Students sometimes misconstrue that online classes are less rigorous or time-consuming. Instead, they require more self-discipline, time management and motivation to complete work. Limited interaction and access to instructors and no personal contact with other students are also common drawbacks. While effective online instructors are available via e-mail, phone and web conferencing, teacher and students don't have the same interpersonal relationship in most cases. The potential for miscommunication and misunderstandings is more prevalent online as well, especially given the lack of context and nonverbal messages in e-mail and discussion forums. The purpose of this study is to help teacher to conduct e-learning trough Schoology that is easy to be used like using Facebook. Through the use of technology, there is no barrier for time and place in…show more content…
H. Definition of Keyterm 1. Writing Acording to Harmer (2007), writing is a form of communication to deliver thought or to express feeling through written form. Coulmas (2003) stated that t least six meanings of ‘writing’ can be distinguished: (1) a system of recording language by means of visible or tactile marks; (2) the activity of putting such a system to use; (3) the result of such activity, a text; (4) the particular form of such a result, a script style such as block letter writing; (5) artistic composition; (6) a professional occupation. 2. Online Learning Nichols (2003) said that the online learning term describes education that occurs only through the Web, that is, it does not consist of any physical learning materials issued to students or actual face to face contact. Purely online learning is essentially the use of eLearning tools in a distance education mode using the Web as the sole medium for all student learning and contact. He also stated eLearning – the use of various technological tools that are either Web-based, Web-distributed or Web-capable for the purposes of

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