Essay On Future Education

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The term ‘education’ can be define as a systematic process of attain the understanding and ability. Those who are deliver the information called as teachers or educators and those who are receiving known as student. Education is really importance for the development and progress of any country. Past education student learns from their teachers; face to face education. Present education student learns from their teacher, friends, the internet, books, movies and etc. However, what is future education looks like? With the help of technologies, all students and teachers will improve their ways or skills of teaching and learning. The use of technology may increases in academic achievement. Steve Johnson (2005), in his nationally bestselling book…show more content…
They can access it by using of internet connection. Next, online learning gives them more comfortable learning environment. For example, the student can learn everywhere they want without thinking about the attire, traffic jam, parking spaces to attend class, leave work early for attend the class, or miss important time with special one because lectures and other materials are digitally sent to the student, they can manage their own time. It also allows users to plan their own study time because they can access anytime they want, online learning gives the student or user convenience and flexibility. In addition, online learning can improve our writing skill, we communicate or giving any opinion to other uses using of a text. Next, more interaction and greater ability to concentrate; rate of online student participation is higher compare to traditional; shy students the can participate in class discussions or chats without face-to-face class sessions. Thus, it do not distracted with their friend members and activity in class. Other than that, online learning also have it disadvantages such as do no have face-to-face interaction, intense requirement for self-discipline and even intense requirement for
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