Essay On Workplace Diversity

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A company cannot construct a wholesome team of working professionals without having a quality functional Human Resources. The key functions of HRM include but aren’t limited to recruitment and selection, training and development, employee and labor relations, compensation and benefits and compliance. Recruitment and Selection The recruitment and selection belongs to value added HR Processes. Recruitment is about the ability of a corporation to source new employees, keep the organization operating and improving the quality of the human capital employed in the company. The recruitment and selection process is about handling high volumes of job resumes and the skill to choose the right candidates and pushing them quickly through the organization.…show more content…
Several types of workplace diversity are endured in businesses. Communication is essential to diversity in the workplace. Every person and cultural group communicates differently. Personnel often can misconstrue nature, e-mails and body language, which can lead to inappropriate interaction. Employees resisting change is a significant diversity barrier. (Holt, 2018) Individuals frequently communicate the word "diversity" with multicultural issues. However, diversity has to do with more than multinational subjects. Diversity also spans differences in age, gender, sexual orientation, faith and background. Failure to identify and justify diversity could end up translating to discrimination against certain groups. Skill Deficiencies Having a workforce that lacks the required proficiencies to perform quality work affects organizations profitability in a severe fashion. Skill deficiencies leads to low productivity, poor quality of products, errors which are an expense to the business, accidents and injuries in the workplace, time loss for management and line level workers and increased customer complaints. To resolve those types of issues, organizations should invest in training and development to equip employees better, followed by skill testing. Companies should also provide the right environment and right tools to develop
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