Capital Punishment In The Justice System

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Capital punishment still takes place in the twenty-first century. The opinion on how much power the government should have when applying the death penalty punishment varies among different people. Even the religious leaders, judges, magistrates, scholars and lawyers hold different ideas when it comes to the issue of capital punishment. There are those who think that the government should have the authority to determine whether a person who commits a crime deserves to die or to live. Although the government may have the powers to kill a criminal, they lack the power to give life. There several instances where the judge can decide a criminal deserve capital punishment. In the same way, there are many reasons why people commit these crimes. From…show more content…
It is also defined by political, social, and structural dynamics. All these factors have made the judicial system become biased and make the wrong decision which denies innocent a fair hearing and determination of their cases. The minority, disadvantaged and the poor are punished for mistakes they never made. The rich buy their freedom by making the poor pay for their crimes. The poor, disadvantaged and the minority deserve equal treatment. The errors are human made errors and are based on preconceived attitudes and decisions. In some cases, the judicial system allocates different punishment to equal crimes. The differences are based on the differences in social classes, poverty, political dynamics, presumptions of guilt, and racial bias. There lacks a fair treatment in the judicial system. It is therefore not fair to apply a death penalty to the prisoners based on the way the judicial system operates. Although the systems set in place are assumed to be working well in the eyes of the general public, only by those who have had an encounter with the judicial system can tell how those who are supposed to serve justice to the citizens deny justice to the innocent and either sell it to those who are guilty or just favor them because they come from the same social class or race and they think. The poor lack a representation by the elite lawyers which gives the rich an upper hand in winning a…show more content…
This perception leads to the belief that the government should have full powers to apply the death penalty. Wrongdoers cause pain to the victims. They deserve to be punished so that they will not repeat. The judges and prosecutors have been trained on the types of punishments that should be served to perpetrators of different crimes. Constitutional provisions provide common guidelines across the judicial system. These are the guidelines that should direct the types of punishment to be served. As the discussion continues, denying the government powers to apply death penalty does not mean that wrongdoer should not be punished. Punishments are necessary for instilling discipline and serving justice to those who were offended. The punishments are also supposed to be common although individuals with similar crimes are offered different verdicts. There are those who still have respect for the rule of law. They give honest verdicts despite the existing differences between them and those who are prosecuted. Punishment should not be abolished although capital punishment is disproportionately

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