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The desire to change stems not only from the demands of the improved quality of life, but also from the pressing need to be active participants in the fast changing world as a staple and as ration in the 21st century. (Rajaraman, 2012). It is necessary that administrators should take less conservative role and explore the technological advances of computers. The increase in the use of computer technology in today’s management has an effort to the future benefits in all areas of society (Williams & Sawyer, 2013). As there is strong evidence for fundamental shift in the working of business and society in general, there is a visible need for a fundamental change in the traditional paradigm of management. As is often said, management is an…show more content…
Thus, the use of ICT in education is a vital tool to augment the accessibility to learning opportunities. It can help improve the quality education with higher teaching methods, improve learning outcomes, and enable to develop a better management of educational systems. Under the right conditions, ICT can have a monumental influence on the development of learning opportunities for greater and more diverse populations, beyond cultural walls, and outside the limits of teaching institutions or geographical boundaries. Technologies can enhance the teaching-learning process by modifying conventional delivery systems, enhancing the quality of learning achievements, facilitating the art skills formation, sustaining lifelong learning and improving institutional management (Albay,…show more content…
No less than the 1987 Constitution gives attention to ICT’s role in nation-building. The integration of ICT in education is in line with several national policies. The Arroyo Administration’s 2004 – 2010 Medium Term Philippine Development Plan (MTPDP) distinguishes ICT as one of the drivers of employment and investments. The MTPDP provides for the wider use of computers to support teaching-learning processes, advancement of e-learning and information literacy, the establishment of e –learning competency centers, and modernizing the institutional management (National Economic Development Authority,

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