Living In A Big City

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Living in a big city has its perks such as great job opportunities and depending on that city it can have great weather. One city that I really want to live at is around the Southern shore of California because I have family that live in San Jose and they say the weather is beautiful for around there and I’ve always been a sucker for the west coast. Living in Southern California is a dream for me because it has a great climate, job opportunities, and it's next to the ocean. I have always wanted to live near a body of water because I am obsessed with everything about the ocean. But living near a body of water can be really dangerous such as hurricanes, solving is California is a big risk, living in Arizona is a lot more safe. Lving in Arizona wpould…show more content…
But California is a dream, that everyone hoping to go and to attend college. Stanford university there in California because that would be a huge accomplishment because it's one of the best colleges in the nation and just attending there would be amazing.. California and Arizona are my dream states to live at because they are both very beautiful, really populous, and great weather which is a plus. Their beauty is just extraordinary because they both have so many beautiful landmarks and their sceneries are just breathtaking. The mountains you see while on a roap trip in both states just leave you speechless, wondering how can something so beautiful could have been created.They are both very populous states because lots of people love the west coast as well. Those states are the states everyone wishes they grew up in even though they both have their cons but they're pros out win it. Big cities are amazing because there is so much excitement going on every day and good opportunities for

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