Scrapbooking Case Study

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CHAPTER 1 Introduction The development of human life is indeed very impressive with the help of modern technology. Thru this, the continuous innovation of this technology has a big role to make our life easier. Some of them are the invention of computers that is very useful to everyone. The Photo booth, were the people used to capture the special moments and important events of their lives. With the use of computer, the programmer developed some software that the computer user can used specially in the line of graphics designing. There’s also a scrapbooking software were we can arrange and put some creative design and personal touch on the pictures. Filipinos are more creative, passionate and like to preserve some pictures for them to show…show more content…
Even before the invention of digital scrapbooking the traditional scrapbooking was already practiced in 15th century in England. They used poetry, a piece of recipes and newspaper clips. They used scrapbooking as a way of preserving their memorabilia’s. In the discovery of photography, scrapbooking became more colorful and useful that able to preserve the photos to share it on the next generation. The digital scrapbooking was started to develop around the 1980s. Marielen Christensen started it. Marielen Christensen is the one who designed and decorated the pages dedicated to her family history. In year 1980 she made scrapbooking albums and showed them at the World Conference of Records in Utah. Many story and claims about the first existence of digital scrapbooking but one thing for sure digital scrapbooking was discovered after the innovation of computer technology since the digital scrapbooking will run with the use of…show more content…
The founder of AMA Computer University is none other than Amable Aguiluz and first stablished in 1980. The researchers choose the AMA Computer College Las Pinas Campus as our beneficiary of this software to let them enjoy and let them unleashed they creative side. We want them to experience the beauty of combining the digital scrapbooking and photo printing work as one. Statement of the Problem The conducted research refers to the needs of AMA Computer College Las Pinas Campus. With the use of this propose software the, AMA Computer College Las Pinas Campus will be able to resolve the problem on the proper organizing and compiling of photos that was taken on the event that can use for their future needs. 1. Spending a lot of money just to rent a photo booth for special and school events 2. Unavailability of camera/photographer to take pictures during special events. 3. No proper storage of photos after the events. 4. No proper compiling of photos after the

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