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Technology is moving at an incredible rate and its presence is ever increasing in classrooms around the world. As a result, this technology is having a direct impact on methodologies and philosophies of teachers in second language learning. Technology is paramount in today’s society and is especially prevalent amongst the younger generation, who are quick to embrace the technology. This paper examines how teachers and students can adopt and use technology as a tool to assist with learning and to improve the overall experience. Furthermore, this research explores which technologies teachers and students who are teaching English as a second language can utilize in twenty-first-century classrooms. Teaching Technologies for ESL Teachers and Students Learning a Foreign Language The lives and futures of students across the world can be determined by excellent technological skills or a lack of skills altogether. There is little doubt that companies are increasingly dependent on technology, so it is imperative that…show more content…
Teachers of English face numerous challenges to bring learners of English up to speed and equipped with the necessary abilities and knowledge to excel in life. Before a student can navigate technology, the student needs to be aware of and understand the vast, complicated vocabulary associated with information technology, especially the most common jargon and phrases. Moreover, the emphasis cannot only be on the students; teachers need to have the technical skills, numerous instructional strategies and be digitally literate to promote and expand the students’ technological and English abilities (Robertson 2015). Acquiring the knowledge and demonstrating proficiency in different forms of technology can be challenging, especially in one’s native language let alone in a second language. Mature and young students who go through

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