Cursive Writing Curriculum

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During the beginning of my run through the educational system in the elementary school I went to, I was taught the importance of neat and fast handwriting. The combination of this lead to the teaching of cursive writing in the latter years of elementary school. The curriculum of the school district would stress the significance of this type of writing and teachers would support the teaching of cursive by speaking of its significance in the higher levels of the educational world. They gave personal anecdotes of how cursive saved them when writing long essays and what not, to further support the sentiment that it would carry over very much into high school and university. Teachers would spend time teaching us the strokes of each cursive letter and the students would spend hours practicing writing them out. However, as I gradually transitioned into a middle school student, I quickly learned that certain skills developed in primary school would not carry over due to the rapid development of new…show more content…
This meant that starting from that point on, I had to The transition from handwriting most papers to typing out most papers was something that most new middle schoolers would be troubled with and I had some issues starting out.. To alleviate this issue, the curriculum in middle school required students to take a computer or typing related class to capitalize on new and developing technologies being introduced into the schools. This, however, meant that the hours spent in improving cursive and other such writing techniques lost much of its importance due to the upheaval in school electronics and technologies. This began a trend within my school life, as I climbed the educational ladder, classes would more often than not integrate the use of online services for student

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