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The Changing Face of Literacy by Eric McLuhan The Changing Face of Literacy is written by Eric McLuhan, who is a writer that has extensive teaching experiences. McLuhan has a batcholer of science in communication and has published books. This essay was written for the programming magazine for TVOntario. Throughout his essay the writer expressed multiple tones, rhetorical modes, facts and options and the essay also contained bias, prejudice and stereotypes. The writer uses various tones in the essay to effectively communicate the writer’s feelings about the change of literacy. The tones that are used in the essay where compassionate, mournful and somewhat grim. The author shows a compassionate tone throughout the essay for literately. The writer shows a compassionate tone as he worded the essay as if the changes to literacy personally affected him. Furthermore, the writer creates a mournful tone when discussing the loss of language and the written word. Furthermore, he ends with a grim tone that summed up the loss of language, leaving the reader losing hope in the future of reading. Although the writer uses tone as an effective way to portray emotion, the essay contains bias and stereotypes.…show more content…
The writer uses stereotypes to describe the current younger generation labelling “youngsters” which are all non-readers with low attention spans. The writer labels all of the younger population as youngsters and groups them together generalizing them as a group, this degrades the younger generation. Additionally, the essay contains bias. This is shown when comparing current technology to books. The writer shows bias towards books throughout the essay as the writer excludes information on the current benefits of the changes to literacy, such as smaller paragraphs enable the reader to comprehend the meaning easier. Although the writer includes stereotypes and bias in the essay, There are many facts and opinions

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