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All of our amazing Carolina Day School students have the potential to do something great for the world. Do you recall that time you told me that you became a teacher to make more of a difference? Well with your support and the advantages of using technology you can help the students use that potential to do their great something. Both you and information technology play a substantial role at CDS. You and technology are here at CDS to help us, the students,gain as much of an education as possible and to make the best of our lives with it. The advancement of technology has greatly benefited Carolina Day School as it helps students acquire information and expand interpersonal relationships.Additionally, with the advantages provided by the internet, social networks and personal electronic devices, students are able to access information all in…show more content…
Social media and networks not only allow people to socialize from afar but also gets them to socialize in person. Instagram for instance has lots of interesting and funny posts that students could show fellow pupils and that initiates socializing between person to person. They also give a look into others lives, although one might argue that it only shows the good parts of their lives but what's wrong with that? We do not need to know people’s bad part of life right off the bat, it is something we will learn about over time of building a friendship and trust. Personally I show tons of posts I think are funny to classmates and if they think it is funny we laugh and it lightens up the mood and takes our minds off the fact that we are going to spend about 8 hours in school. I’m not talking badly about school just the amount of time we spend in it, getting some solace through social media makes us be able to pull through the exhausting

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