What Is Education By Miya Pepellashi Analysis

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America Can Learn With the inconsistent economy and uncertain times, it is imperative for our nation’s children to receive a good education that will allow them to attain a good job and produce the income needed to survive. Most people believe that education is important. Since all children are expected to receive an education, there is an expectation that they will be productive in their adult lives. In her essay, “What Is Education,” Petra Pepellashi explains how education began and the evolution it has gone through, as a means to inform people of the need to explore new ways to adapt to inquiring minds. There are many new ways to educate the youth of today but they are not being implemented into the way the students learn. An education is a crucial and critical tool, unfortunately, with all the distrustful judgments; our students aren’t valuing or able to value their education. An education can open doors to opportunities that would have never been available if not for the knowledge and…show more content…
Some of the educators today are stuck in the old ways of teaching children and are not/not wanting to realize that this is a new age where technology, online learning programs, and other various learning sites can be utilized to help children excel in their schooling but the educators will not transition into applying these methods of learning. The expectation of the succession of these children relies partly on the educators explaining and making sure that they have given these children every means in their disposal of learning. When an educator is able to say that they have given the student every necessary tool to succeed in school than their job is done and the rest is left up to the student to continue in doing their jobs homework, test, quiz, and showing up to class on time prepared. Preparation, the curriculum that students are held to, do not prepare them for the material needed to maintain in

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