Importance Of Teaching Foreign Language

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CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION 1.1 Overview This chapter will be dedicated to the discussion and study of essential issues that are of preliminary importance. First, an introduction to the theoretical background of the present study will be presented. The next steps will consist of the statement of the problem, significance of the study, research questions and hypotheses, definition of key terms and finally the limitations and delimitations of the study. 1.2 Background and Purpose Technological tools have become a necessity of educational life in the modern world and are gaining attention and importance in social lives. Technological tools such as computers, tablets, and cell phones are used…show more content…
They say that students need a teacher who has emotions and sees to their emotional needs and a robotic computer cannot carry out this important need. The humanistic approach to teaching a foreign language sees to their basic emotional needs. As students are human and they have basic human needs, they need to feel while learning. What is meant by feel is the encouragement, punishment, rewards, and fines experienced while learning and which lead to the emotional fulfillment of learning. It must be mentioned that learning is not only the acquisition of some simple phrases and structures. Rather, it is feeling and understanding a lesson in order to use it humanistically. One of the productive skills that is often overlooked in classes and many consider “unteachable” is the writing skill (Gallagher, 2009). However, developing the writing skill is a necessity for many, especially the educated. Creating reports, writing articles, preparing essays, and being able to compose appropriately formatted letters are all needs for language learners (Malkawi, 2010; Maruo, 2012). Hence, the writing skill must be expanded in order to fulfill the writing needs of EFL learners (Rogers and Medley, 1988; Rocio,…show more content…
These studies have lead to several results and techniques that can be used in language classrooms. One of these techniques is the use of the technological approach to language learning (Plakans, 2010). There have been several benefits associated with the technological approach to language learning including increasing the speed of reading (Yamashita, 2008), enhancing summarizing skills (Gallagher, 2009), improving learners’ ability to convey meaning (Maruo, 2012), and increasing students’ interest in this ability (Sakurai, 2015). Thus, further studies in this area might provide more insight in this

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