Performance Assessment In Education

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Performance Assessment Performance assessment is a method of teaching and learning that involves both process and product. It is not just a testing strategy. In performance assessments, students are involved in the process of constructing various types of product. Instead of measuring how much they know, performance assessment measures what students can do with what they know. What is most essential in the curriculum and what makes it is interesting to a student is the ingredients for performance assessment tasks. The following is a comprehensive definition of performance assessment: “Performance assessment is the direct, systematic observation of an actual pupil performance … and rating of…show more content…
This can be done when students demonstrate the skills needed for the right answer. The attention is on the ways (how) students arrive at the answers. To illustrate, if secondary students are asked to demonstrate their understanding of how electricity works, first they need to understand the concept of electricity and second the various function of its components. What are the strengths of Performance Assessment? Instruction in most subject areas is being altered to include more practical applications of skills and to incorporate a greater focus on the understanding and combining of content and skills. Teachers are able to modify their methods of teaching when following to this way of teaching. Students are more responsible for their education and allows students to assess their own progress. Advocates of performance assessment believe these tests serve as a benchmark for educators and school officials. When students acquire the skills and knowledge, the educators are able to concentrate on teaching students this information. It serves as a reference to what students have learnt. What are the weaknesses of Performance

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