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My first reaction to having to read True Education by Ellen G. White was “oh great, I have to read another Ellen White book.” Throughout my life I was preached at about how Ellen White said such and such, meaning if I do not follow what she says I am rebel and unrighteous person. With this being said, I am glad that I was able to put my negative thoughts aside and dig deep into the topics, because after reading the book I have gained some new ideas and perspectives on how to go about educating in the classroom. However, I am only going to focus on the few that really stuck out to me. Which are being able to comprehend the nature of human beings and their purpose, using several different teaching tactics, and the need for teachers and parents to work together. One of the first quotes that stuck out to me was “[i]n order to understand what is comprehended in the work of education we need to consider both the nature of human beings and the purpose of God in creating them.” (White, 2000, p. 10). This quote caused me to do some deep…show more content…
White made a statement that said, “the schoolroom is no place for surface work.” (White, 2000, p. 172). I think this quote nicely sums up what White was trying to get across in her book, True Education. The point being, that educators should make sure to do their part in identifying areas that they are not as well versed in and taking action to learn a little bit more about these areas, so that they can answer students’ questions or even teach the subject at hand. Educators should also be willing to use several different teaching tactics, including ones that are fun and active, that will more than likely lead to joy in the classroom. Lastly, educators should work with parents without taking the parent’s

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