Vocabulary Instruction In Teaching

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Vocabulary plays a vital role in learning a language and it is one of the important language components in developing oral and written communication skills. English vocabulary is vast; learning all words in English is next to impossible. Nevertheless, vocabulary instruction is facilitated at the primary and secondary levels. At tertiary level, students who learn English for a specific purpose are given vocabulary instruction specific to their area. For instance, students in an engineering college learn technical vocabulary in the first year. However, the first year students in most of the arts and science colleges are not given vocabulary instruction. Lack of vocabulary knowledge does affect the writing abilities of the students. Vocabulary instruction can be incorporated in regular English classes or through flipped English classes. Hence, to assess the impact of vocabulary instruction on tertiary students, a comparative study on the effect of regular English classroom method and flipped classroom method on enriching tertiary students’ vocabulary knowledge was conducted. The findings of the study indicate that vocabulary instruction through the flipped English classroom method is…show more content…
The regular English classroom method involves reading passages of varied genres and discussing the meanings of unfamiliar vocabulary by deriving individual word meaning and using contextual clues. On the other hand, the flipped English classroom method involves using computers and internet. The Flipped Classroom Field Guide compiled by the Coursera-partner community (2015: 4) describes flipped classrooms as: “a form of blended learning, a term that refers to any form of education that combines face-to-face instruction with computer-mediated activities.” 3. THE

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