Essay On Education And Globalization

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Globalization has been a popular topic of concern for the twenty-first century. Globalization has positively influenced education in different ways. It has brought different people, ideas and resources in a world- wide pool to make the world into a global society. I am particularly interested in how globalization affects teaching in primary schools in Hong Kong where the articles and references are mainly focusing on the influence to higher education. This essay is attempted to explore the relationship between globalization and primary school education in Hong Kong. The first part will discuss various definitions of globalization of different scholars views. The second part of the essay will be concentrate to discuss the pros and cons of how globalization affects teaching in Hong Kong. It will then be followed by a conclusion of the whole idea of globalization in Hong Kong education. Literature Review Globalization is a term that is not yet well defined; it has different meanings for different groups. There are some definitions from the articles I have read. Kwok & Weiss suggested that it is a process that is still developing and also a reality that has already shown its effect on different parts of the world in new relations of interconnectedness and…show more content…
There were mainly 7 initiatives in the educational reform. They are curriculum reform, support for school, language education, professional development, student admission systems, assessment mechanisms and increase in post secondary education opportunities. Regarding to the curriculum, the Curriculum Development Council (CDC) has set up 7 learning goals and generics skills in teaching the key learning

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