The Importance Of Freedom Of Speech In Canada

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Canada Are we sacrificing free speech for others protection? Canada is a country in North America. The country is a constitutional monarchy and a parliamentary democracy. Freedom of speech in Canada is not absolute like for an example in America. Canada has always had a few rules to limit the grotesqueness of some of their books that were published in the past and present. I might not be a fan of restriction of speech whatever form it takes, but i can see what they are trying to do by creating a safer environment for the citizens they have and so on so forth. But now canada has implemented a new law restricting free speech even more. The 18th of november 2017 bill c-16 was passed. Norway passed the same civil legislation in 2013, but without the fact that someone barely raised an eyebrow. The Norwegian law ban on discrimination against transgender affects any apparent neutral practice, act or omission that causes people to be disadvantaged than others because of gender identity or gender expressions.…show more content…
The law sounds pretty innocent in itself, and it means only well for this group of people that fail to co-exist normally with society. Unfortunately this bill is flawed in more than a few ways. What this bill is insinuating that government can come in at any point and time and tell you what to say and not to say. This is not a natural way of speech development in any way possible. Natural speech is evolving in the way that people use new and unused words frequently and after a while if the majority of the population is willing to accept the word/words being talked about the majority of the population will start using

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