Technology In Education Essay

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Nowadays, technology is being used to a great degree in education. In the past, students would go to libraries and work on their research. But in the present, everything has changed due to technology. Fewer children go to libraries to get a start on their work instead they use their computers or smartphones to help them finish their work. Computers and smartphones can be more convenient and fast but libraries can put children more into concentration and not get distracted easily but because of the convenience and quickness that is why technology is being used with education. Technology gives a lot more access to education to those who need it. People do not have to travel far away just to achieve some certain piece of information and end up…show more content…
Last but not least, the use of technology in global education prepares students for changes in the future. The real world changes with in time and as time passes by more advanced developments appear so it is great to have the ability to be independent in finding information and having the skills to use certain technologies. Less self-reliance: The more humans depends on technology, the less we are to do without them. That is why, when a computer crashes or our phones run out of battery we become completely disabled. That is why when education will depend too much on technology as soon as there is a technological problem the process of learning and teaching will be completely handicapped. Less Value in human workers: The efficiency of technology is increasing at an rapid rate which is why with computers being able to do the job of over 10 people at once, the employment of actual people will decrease and teachers will be less needed in the near future.
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