Essay On Nanotechnology In Agriculture

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Nanotechnology has a wider scope of applications; one of the important applications is the use of nanotechnology in environmental aspects. Cleaning up of the contaminated water from the different water bodies is of primary concern. • Nanotechnology is responsible for ensuring impure potable water by means of application of cost effective water treatment and purification systems. Nano filtration is one of the effective and efficient means of filtration which ensures the filtration of harmful inorganic impurities such as arsenic, carbon tetrachloride which are of nano sized ones. • Nanoparticles will be subjected to undergo chemical reactions with the polluted water resulting in purification of water; this would be cheaper than the conventional…show more content…
Nano scale integrated circuits can be established by the application of self-aligning nanostructures 6. Silver nanoparticle ink can be effectively utilized to form the conductive lines which are part of circuit boards. 7. Nanoscale magnets are used in developing a lesser power, higher density method which is called magnetoelectric random access memory. Application in Agriculture: Applications in the field of agriculture are being under research and a lot of testing is being done globally. The application is targeted at the entire spectrum of food technology from agriculture, food processing, and food packaging and food supplements. In order to address the huge demand to the food supply and the global changes such as growth in population, various climatically change a lot of technical advancement and technical innovations are needed in the field of agriculture. Main aims of using nanotechnology in agriculture are, 1. Reduce nutrient loses in fertilization. 2. Greater yielding through optimized agricultural management. Although there are specific advancements in the application of nanotechnology in agricultural industry, still these advancements are not of considerable level when compared to the other sectors of nanotechnology

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