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Nowadays, English has become the most common language that people use the most. We cannot live without English now as most of the things such as internet, tourism, books and education are using English in order to show their international and make them connected to the world. Some online games such as Overwatch, Grand Theft Auto and Legend of League, are devolped first in English as this is the language which most of the people can read it. It is good to use English in those ways as we need a language to communicate with other people who are from different culture and different languages. On the other hand, if English is going to replace other languages all over the world, there will be many kind of effect to the other culture whatever it is common culture or uncommon culture. The spread of English as a global language cause the communication, economy and technology change in different ways. English makes the communication…show more content…
As estimated 7,000 languages are spoken around the world. If English become a global language, about 7,000 languages and their own culture will die, even though they want to keep their language, because that’s not a common language, no one will speak it. For example, in China, here have more than 56 ethnic group, everyone know Chinese tend to become a common language, so the ethnic group’s languages will less and less people know and use it. Finally the ethnic group practically disappeared, their own culture will lose, only have one culture in China. If people all speak English, and then less and less people use other language. That make other language will become a history, people will forget it, and their culture will lose. The world will only have one culture and language. Each languages represent their own history, and no ethnic group and country want to lose their own language. That’s why English cannot become a global

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