Argumentative Essay Against Death Penalty

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In 1999, there were almost a hundred executions in the United State of America, which is a very large number. Many countries worldwide are against the death penalty, because they think that the death penalty is just increasing the number of dead people. In addition, many countries have changed their rules, and they made other rules. However, many countries like Singapore execute the murder, because they think that if they didn’t execute him, the murder still killing people. In this assignment, there are two articles, one of them against capital punishment and other for capital punishment. In addition, the assignment will show the reader the arguments of these articles in the strength and weakness points. The first essay is for capital punishment, and it mentions that all people will die at a…show more content…
Actually, this is not fair, but this is in the last century, but now the USA treats all people equally. Also, sometimes young and teens people get execution because they kill somebody else for their first mistake, and this unfair because you cannot treat a boy as a man, and the young people cannot think properly as the adult. This argument is correct, and it is strong, but the government can fix this problem by changing the rules a little bit. In conclusion, the death penalty is legal in some countries in specific cases to deter the criminal. On the other hand, many governments change their thinking, and they think that the capital punishment is not efficient at all, and they believe that there are many punishments which can deter the criminal instead of the death penalty. In my opinion, I think that the first essay is more efficient and detailed than the second essay. In addition, most reasons of the first essay are logical reasons, but the second essay’s reasons are emotional

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