Factors Affecting Employee Motivation

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Each employer should identify the main factors what their employees want and what they dislike. If so it will be easy for the employer to make them motivate in their job. And always the company should ask from their self ‘what is employee looking from me?’ if the employer can answer this question in a good manner it won’t be an issue for the company and for the employees too. And at Bank of Ceylon they haven’t identify what their employees need and what they don’t need. If they can identify the specific needs for the employees, it will lead the employees to become motivated. Motivators Hygiene Factors Achievement Company Policies Recognition Salaries Responsibility Co-Worker relations Advancement Supervisory styles Growth Table 1: Example…show more content…
Brandy & Joseph Cronin suggests that employees who are empowered are more likely to be a part of team. They like to work as team. Moreover this study shows that through empowerment of employees the communication gap reduces and employees will tend to work to make their organization performance high. 1.9 Factors affecting motivation According to the article, ‘Employee Motivation: addressing a crucial factors in your organization’s performance by Kovach, K.A. (1995), it describes the following factors that affects motivation. • Achievement - giving rewards to the achievements of the employees is a must in an organization. If the employee receive the required rewards to the achievements, employee will get motivated towards their goals and they will achieve more and more. • Appreciation and recognition – appreciating someone is a good thing and it is a motivational factor and it affects the both mental and physical well-being. • Feelings involved in the work process – the employee should feel that he or she is involved in a work process. Its employer’s responsibility to make the employees involved in the correct…show more content…
Realize that company culture isn’t just this month’s entrepreneurial buzzword. The culture of the company affects the employee training and motivation. if the culture of the company doesn’t suit with the employees, they will be demotivated. So by having breakfast together once a moth or having some tea parties will increase the level of the motivational level of the employees. Some employees mention that they feel boring while working. So if the company allow the employees to have small tea parties or may be some games, they will get motivated and they will never say that word ‘boring’. The relationship that they develop with other employees will lead to have motivated employees. The article: Work environment plays key role in well-being and happiness by Rick Nauert shows that the working environment affects the employee motivation directly. If an employee is not getting any kind of help from the other employees, he or she will get demotivated. And the happiness of the employee will vary according to the working environment too. This article shows that there are three factors that affects the happiness of the employees while working, • High levels of control at work. • High level of emotional support and being able to confide in

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