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INTRODUCTION: Advertisement is a large area where the world survives in the market. The advertisement is a promotional tool that the company product will get more demand in the market. Due to the heavy advertisement the Indian economy got a huge growth. The contribution of the advertisement to the GDP is clearly highlighted. Advertisement is a market communication where it approaches people to have some action in respect to commercial offering, or political or ideological support. Advertising are usually paid for by sponsors and viewed through various media such as newspapers and magazines, TV advertisement, radio advertisement, outdoor advertising or direct mail; or other media such as blogs, websites and text messages. Advertisement will…show more content…
Depend upon the product the advertisement source will be defined. Advertisement leads for sales follow-up, build the reputation of a company or compare a company’s products and brands against its competitors. It also forms part of an integrated marketing program when used in conjunction with direct sales, public relations campaigns, social media or online marketing tools. Now a days advertisements are becoming trend in being in the social networking websites and all the internet websites. It became the income part for the many of the websites to run their smoothly. Advertisement are becoming trend in the Indian political standards. During the election times the advertisement will be shown to highlight the benefits of the political parties with covering the mass population. The advertisements are more attractive in the Television with video and audio effect. There are many companies like Vodafone, Horlicks, Pepsi, Gold Jewelleries, etc. are just placed an effective positioning everyone’s mind. CLASSIFICATION OF ADVERTISEMENT Advertisements are in many forms. Advertisement will be displayed or shown in different media based on the different users or sponsors. The advertisement will be classified in to different types. 1. Print Advertising 2. Outdoor
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