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Chofia Basumatary Course Instructor- Dr. Usha Mudiganti The Lost Generation: American Literature between the World Wars MA English (3rd Sem) 23 November 2016 Human Relationships: Invasion of Privacy in Willa Cather’s A Lost Lady The American author Willa Cather born December 7, 1873, has been considered one of the finest writers of the “lost generation”, the Post World War era with young writers disillusioned of the so called “American Dream” and so much more. The novel A Lost Lady, by Cather is one among the franchise of that denigrated spirits of the civilization. The novel A Lost Lady, published in 1923, narrates the story of one Mrs. Marian Forrester and her husband Daniel Forrester, who lived in the beautiful meadow of Sweet Water. The…show more content…
Herbert believes he is the keeper of privacy and thus, is angry with the gossip mongers of the town, while he was the very first person who was delighted to have occupied the personal space of Mrs. Forrester, when was placed at her home upon injury. Herbert is the bridge of all that curiosity, however, he finds himself as an eavesdropper in the personal conversations of Marian and Frank Ellinger, Marian’s lover and is disenchanted with the divinity and erotica he associated her with. However, Herbert tries with all his unconscious might not to break that sweet image and is not ready to let go of that “innocent” sense of his first…show more content…
Forrester, beautiful and a favorite of everybody, meeting and greeting everyone with a smiling face, without any malice in the heart. However, Niel gets through delicate Marian and discovers that she is an adulterous and her sexuality comes through as the degeneration of the age. By exposing Marian’s sexuality to the readers, Niel tries to justify and hold his affection for her but once that space is intruded his affection and respect for her starts fading. However, all these implicit revelations about herself, do not affect Mrs. Forrester gravely, thus, she continues her glorious life even after Daniel Forrester’s death, therefore, Marian is disillusioned of this convention of love and marriage, unbound by secrecy, living freely and is back to what Niel used to say “to her own place and people”, which was also not a covert haven. Apparently and rightly, “she mocked outrageously at the proprieties she observed, and inherited the magic of

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