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Jeffress Timmian Jeffress English 1010 Rebecca Miner September 29, 2015 Visual Analysis Essay Social media has allowed there to be many ways to communicate. Within Social communication, there have been popular sayings, videos, and pictures which are called “memes”. One popular meme which has appeared in the last year is a picture of a dress which has the illusion to be one color while it is actually another. The Salvation Army of the Southern Africa Territory worked along with Carehaven used this meme in a public service advertisement, and posted it on Twitter on March 6, 2015 and called it, “The Dress.” The Salvation Army in this public service advertisement, “The Dress,” effectively argues that domestic violence against women needs to be…show more content…
Audience members are almost forced to focus on the main object, which is meant to be the model. The model is shown wearing the viral dress in white and gold, but along her body are various bruises in different areas in blue and purple. Bruises are uncommon and are definitely known to hurt when you do get them. In this case, an emotional trigger is set off in an audience member, when the bruises on the model are a very big and vibrant. The dress on the model is a symbol that is very popular and is easy to recognize. Without the dress, the whole advertisement, wouldn’t leave as much of a message. The audience wouldn’t be able to connect as well, and recognizing it would be a lot harder. Another thing to notice is the color in the dress, and the color of the bruises. The viral dress is said to be seen as white and gold or blue and black. In the advertisement, the dress the model is wearing is white and gold, but her bruises are a blue and blackish looking. This is where the advertising messages come from. It is a great possibility that we see people who are abused in our everyday lives. The big thing is whether we chose to see it, or ignore it behind a…show more content…
On the right side of the model text is shown in simple white letters stating, “Why is it so hard to see black and blue?” The viral dress is supposedly an illusion of seeing two different colors, gold or blue. The text helps bring in the message to really look at the model and see all the bruises along her body. Below this headline text is smaller white letters informing you, “The only illusion is if you think it was her choice. One in 6 women are victims of abuse. Stop abuse against women.” Here a statistic is shown, when helps the logos sides of the message. Along with logos, is a bit of pathos in this text. Domestic violence is something that can be foreign to a lot of people, but in a statistic like this, it becomes a great shock. At the very bottom is the contact information for abuse help, and the company’s logos. Showing the company’s logos, uses ethos, and bring credibility towards the advertisement. An advertisement against domestic violence like this, in my opinion, has never been done before. Using something from the internet and applying it to any advertisement is very smart. This brings more attentions to it, and from what this company is advertising, it definitely

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