Bud Light Advertising Essay

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In this competitive world, advertising is a necessity in order to be noticed. Advertisements are like oxygen emitted by our surroundings; they are omnipresent and unavoidable. From magazines to television commercials, advertisements have infiltrated people’s daily lives. People live inhaling advertisements, created by companies who only have one goal, and that is to sell consumers an idea, product, or service. Advertising can have a positive effect on society; however, in the case of the alcohol industry, the effects are negative. An ad for Bud Light shows a group of young people smiling widely behind a bar table. Meanwhile, resting on the bar is a bottle of the beer. The copy, in large bold letters, reads, “Are we having Bud Light yet?” Further…show more content…
Fowles writes, “Flight is very appealing; you can imagine adventures you cannot have; the idea of escape is pleasurable” (Fowles 1). When life gets tough, escaping even for a moment is tempting to do, and alcohol is the perfect accomplice when needing to take a break from reality and forget. Alcohol is the answer for life’s problems, at least that is what advertisements promoting alcohol suggest to their consumers, while omitting the harm it can also do to people’s…show more content…
For the alcohol industry, these addicts are the ideal consumers. More than sixty percent of all alcohol sold is consumed by ten percent drinkers, most of which are alcoholics or desperate individuals (Kilbourne 4). Advertisers understand the psychology behind addiction because they spend a large amount of money in research. They understand that addicts grow attached to a product and often feel that they are in a relationship with that product. Advertisers take this knowledge to target even the youngest members of our

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