Killer Queen Ad Analysis Essay

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1. Name the ad you picked and briefly explain why you picked it. I chose the Killer Queen Ad. I chose this ad because I obviously as a Christian can’t relate to the Shift ad, the weather shield ad was blurred to the point I could not read the body, I don’t cycle so I am not familiar with Fizik saddle products, however, I do use perfume, provided, this Ad seemed the best choice for my assignment. 2. Who is the intended audience of the ad? How do you know? The intended audience in this advertisement could be either young working middle class women, or young inherently wealthy women, also, young lesbian women or young men attracted to the sexual appeal, who purchase or review the Cosmopolitan magazine, because the perfume seems fit for royalty…show more content…
Jib Fowles acknowledges, Psychologist Henry A. Murrays’ influence on his fifteen appeals, with the need for sex being the first on the list, the Killer Queen ad contains this appeal when referencing this statement, “[a] Black Velvet liquor advertisement displays an attractive woman wearing a tight black outfit, recumbent under the legend, “Feel the Velvet.””(Fowles 556). For the Model in this advertisement is dressed very floozy, appearing to be seductive to the audience. Killer Queen ad has a Need to Dominate appeal, as Fowles’ emphasizes “[t]he need to dominate and control one’s environment is often thought of as being masculine, but as close students of human nature, advertisers know it is not so circumscribed. Women’s aspirations for control are suggested in the campaign theme … The females in the Chanel No. 19 ads are “outspoken” and wrestle their men around.” (Fowles 561). This Advertisement also has a Need for Prominence appeal, as Fowles implies “[h]ere comes the need to be admired and respected, to enjoy prestige and high social status” (Fowles 561). Finally the advertisement has a need for attention, Fowles points out “[t]he same appeal works for cosmetics and lotions.” (Fowles 562). Obviously, the model is trying to draw attention to herself with her outward appearance and

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