Sexism In Advertising

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How does the text conform to, or deviate from, the conventions of a particular genre, and for what purpose? Sexism and gender inequality was a problematic issue in the United States for a very long time in the 20th century and is still present today. This advertisement is an example of the sexism that was displayed to the public. This essay will demonstrate how Warner’s bra advertisement body shames women into conforming to what men find attractive, in addition to showing men what they should find attractive in women by using advertising techniques like hyperbole and fear factors. This is an advertisement by Warner’s which is a bra making company and they were advertising their new “Little Fibber” bra alongside their Concentrate girdle. The…show more content…
This technique will result in more sales of their product since they claim they can fix the “problem”. Something else to mention is the bold text above the pear which states “ This is no shape for a girl”. This text further amplifies the fear factor and reduces women’s self esteem. Not to mention the use of the word “girl” instead of “women” this is because the word “women” is more feminist and the advertisement is very sexsist, to add the word “girl” is more geared towards single attractive women. The use of beautiful people is also prominent in this advertisement. They place a model in the advert to make you think that when you use their products you might look like the model. This is a hyperbole since the model was chosen to trick you into thinking that you will look like her but in reality most of the people that use the product will not. The sexsim and body shaming continues in the bottom text of the advertisement. The text mentions the “Little Fibber bra” which is a euphemism to what it is since fibber means faker/liar…show more content…
A couple of examples include “Warner’s can reshape you” and “doesn't squash you like a heavy girdle”. Now it is a clear exaggeration when Warner’s is claiming that they can “reshape” since they are not physically doing that but just giving the illusion of larger breasts. Not to mention the fact that they promise a flatter stomach too. This is a big lie that is being used in the advertisement since they are promising something that cannot be achieved just by purchasing the product. They are trying to provide an easy solution in order to increase their product sales. In addition the fear factor effect is working in combination with the big lie to have a larger effect on the female viewers of the advertisement. The bottom text is supporting what was stated above it and repeating the apparent sexism and body shaming that is occurring throughout the advertisement. The fear that humans have of social rejection is also being used in favor of the advertisement. Because we all try our best to be accepted by society at all times these types of products give us an easy solution to do so. This causes the manipulation of our thoughts and desires to be easier

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