Disadvantages Of Internet Marketing

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6 SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION 6.1 Internet marketing The development of an effective website cannot be held without Internet marketing that creates marketing concept regarding to the selected segment of the audience and its preferences, studies the competition situation and marks the number of advantages and disadvantages and offers options of how it can be improved. With a proper range of activities brand awareness increases and a company, service or product gets its loyal customers. So the evolution of a website is based on developed information and valuable promotion. And currently, Internet marketing is a discrete activity that is related to e-business. For a long time advertising in social networks has been a very effective tool of promotion…show more content…
Ex.: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, LinkedIn, etc.; • Direct marketing: distribution of new products/services or events via sms and e-mail, often applied to registered users and potential clients who subscribed to the news. 6.2 Setting up a website online In order to get a website to be online there are two things needed: domain name and hosting. The process of choosing is not complicated, but requires time to make researches in order to find the most gainful and relevant; it should be done properly. 6.2.1 Domain name Domain name is like a business card making a website catchy, unique and memorable. There are different types of domains: top level (TLD) - .com, .net, .fi, .org; 2nd level (SLD) – google.com, wordpress.org; 3rd level (subdomain) - en.wikipedia.org, and so on. Finding an appropriate domain name is not so trouble-free, because it should be available and not registered before and refer to the website subject. The simpler and clearer the…show more content…
To trust obscure hosting companies that offer cheap web hosting and domain names is not reasonable, because at any time website can go down with no reason or even worse: company deceives about domain registration, etc. Large hosting companies have a definite plus: the 24/7 technical support of users, which is especially important for the beginner webmaster, also they value a reputation. Free hosting is usually selected by unexperienced website owners who want to understand how much they need a web-based resource and whether they are prepared to invest in it funds. Opting for a paid hosting service has reasons: • Learn what is a paid hosting and how to use it on practice; • Use full functionality for implementing own ideas, because free hosting has limited capabilities; • SEO is easier for the 2nd level domain name, and using free hosting is the 3rd level; • Internet Service Provider (ISP) responsibility for the performance and resiliency of a website, guaranty and technical support; • Freedom from hosting advertising, only if it is a part of promotion chosen by a website owner. 6.3 Search engines The main task of a search engine is to look for information and present it to the user. So that the user could find the information he needs on the Internet in the structure of the search engine there are utilized with several complex software

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