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Assignment 2 Training Needs Analysis (TNA) and Instructional Systems Design (ISD) 1. Outline the benefits of identifying and analysing training needs for an organisation or at an individual level. • In identifying and analysing the training needs of an organisation or an individual, account should be taken of the organisation’s procedures and policies as well as the skills which the workforce currently possess. In addition the identification and analysis examines the future proposed direction and aims of the organisation and/or individual which safeguards that the training incorporates the learning and skills which are needed to achieve these aims. In other words the training employed will then be designed to fill this ‘skills gap’. This…show more content…
Evaluate how the performance management process can support training needs identification. The performance management process of support and supervision as well as yearly appraisal can identify tendencies and possible flaws on an organisational basis. This may be a pointer towards a general training need within the organisation. It can also determine the level of training required for newly recruited employees. Individual training needs can be assessed where the performance appraisal process shows shortcomings which might be addressed by skills or knowledge development. The performance management process, if conducted fairly and honestly, also allows employees to participate in identifying training and development needs for themselves and may well encourage enthusiastic participation in any training offered as well as overcoming any attitudinal/behavioural problems to the training. 5. Identify and assess 4 models of Instructional System Design (ISD) • ADDIE Model – The ADDIE model stands for a series of basic Industrial System Design steps – Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation – which is generally regarded as one of the best frameworks around which to develop either a specific needs model or a revised general model matching current trends and…show more content…
One’s Instructional System Design needs to be driven by all of the information gathered and analysed from the Training Needs Analysis and then one must design a system of instruction to suit the various factors pertaining to the particular target audience and outcome objective. This may be based upon one method, a combination of methods – or parts thereof – or none – a system unique to a particular requirement. In fairness, there is one part of Rapid Prototyping that may be used – variables – or at least the idea of the possibility of unexpected need for variability in the delivery of training due to unanticipated circumstances – the human factor. After all we’re not programmable machines, are

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