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The advertising industry has undermined journalistic integrity, making the press and news a part of a more corrupt and shady system. Although advertising provides a huge amount of income for magazines and newspapers, it comes with the cost of sacrificing the reliability of the articles presented. Gloria Steinem believes that advertising industries compromise journalistic integrity by supplying specific advertisements to a certain group of people, by adjusting the content to favor their products, and by controlling actions of magazines. These compromises consequently negatively impact the journalistic integrity that should be present in media. The central idea of Steinem’s essay was to depict the difference in gender based advertisements, and…show more content…
In other words, a magazine that features an advertisement of Apple’s brand new IPhone 6S will not feature an article about how there is a problem with child labor laws in China. Such a clash between content and advertisements is what causes there to be a doubt in journalistic integrity. “What could women’s magazines be like if they were editorially free as good books? as realistic as the best newspaper articles? as creative as poetry and film? as diverse as women’s lives” (Steinem 2014)? Steinem’s insight on imagining a world where magazine articles had much more freedom shows that in reality there is no freedom in the world of magazine publications. Similarly, advertising agencies also have control of the actions of magazine publications. Along with adjusting their content, magazine publications must also satisfy advertising agencies through their actions. As Steinem quotes: “Meanwhile, advertisers’ control over the editorial content of women’s magazines has become so institutionalized that it is sometimes written into “insertion orders” or dictated to ads salespeople as official policy…” (Steinem 210). Steinem makes it obvious that advertising agencies act as a dictator over the helpless magazine publications. She states that it is apparently official policy to follow the orders placed by advertisement

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